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fusion4future's Journal

10 February
I'm just your average furry gay writer type who has decided to abandon the ridiculous hamster wheel that is living in San Francisco (work to afford rent, work too much to enjoy anything else) and follow his heart. Moved back in with the folks for a while to get my head together, decided to follow stage management as my career.

I appear to be terminally single (alas), as I have not yet met the man of my dreams. I'm not opposed to dating (though being on tour will cramp that a bit), the occasional hookup or just some good laughs. I love women as friends, just not in the nookie department. Furry masculine men for this penguin, baby.

Always happy to chat with anyone and everything. Even talk to the walls occasionally (hey, who doesn't?). Make me laugh, win my heart. Well, that and some good herring (penguin lust is a beautiful thing).

Hugs to all!